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Marling Leek

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Marling Leek is the UK’s most established manufacturer of webbing used in both the commercial and automotive markets. They faced challenges in maintaining and optimising its web presence. They sought a comprehensive solution to manage and enhance their website without the substantial initial investment and ongoing technical complexities. Here’s how we at b3m, through our innovative WaaS model, provided a transformative solution.

Challenges Faced by Marling Leek

  1. High Initial Costs and Ongoing Maintenance: Marling Leek found the traditional web development model, which involves a large upfront cost followed by periodic maintenance expenses, to be financially draining.
  2. Technical Complexity: Managing a website’s technical aspects, including hosting, security, updates, and performance optimisation, required specialised skills that Marling Leek lacked internally.
  3. Scalability Issues: As their business grew, they needed their website to scale and adapt quickly to new demands without extensive downtime or additional costs.
  4. Content Management: Frequent content updates were necessary to keep the site relevant and engaging, but this was time-consuming and often delayed.

Our Solutions

We approached Marling Leek’s challenges with our fully inclusive and managed WaaS model, offering a flexible, subscription-based service. Here’s how we helped:

  1. Custom-Built WordPress Website: We developed a bespoke WordPress site tailored to Marling Leek’s unique needs, without relying on pre-used templates.
  2. Dedicated Web Expert: A dedicated web expert managed all aspects of the website, from design to deployment and ongoing maintenance.
  3. Advanced Features and Integrations: Incorporating AI integrations, mobile optimisation, superfast Google Cloud hosting, and foundational SEO ensured that the website was always performing at its best.
  4. Continuous Updates and Security: Regular software updates, security checks, and backups were part of the service, ensuring the website remained secure and up-to-date.
  5. Scalability: Our WaaS model allows Marling Leek to scale their website easily by adding new features like e-commerce capabilities, CRM integrations, and more, as their business needs evolved.

Results Achieved

The implementation of our WaaS model yielded significant improvements for Marling Leek:

  1. Enhanced Website Performance: With continuous updates, security enhancements, and superfast hosting, the website’s performance and user experience improved significantly.
  2. Increased Traffic and Engagement: Foundational SEO and regular content updates led to higher search engine rankings, increased website traffic, and improved user engagement.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: The website could easily adapt to new business needs, with additional features and integrations implemented without disruption.
  4. Time Savings: Dedicated support freed up Marling Leek’s staff to focus on their core business activities.


Our WaaS model proved pivotal for the success of Marling Leek. By handling all aspects of web development and maintenance, we provided a hassle-free, scalable, and cost-effective solution that enhanced their online presence and supported their business growth.

Ready to transform your website? Book a call with us today! and discover how b3m can revolutionise your web presence with our innovative WaaS solutions.

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