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Introducing 'Website as a Service'

WaaS or Website as a Service is our model that revolutionises traditional web development by combining it with a flexible, innovative subscription. Instead of a large initial investment, you pay a fixed, monthly fee for a continuously updated, secure, always modern website.

It scales with your business needs, bundles services like hosting, SEO, AI features & security and removes the technical headaches as all maintenance is managed by us. Ultimately, our solution provides a comprehensive, cost-effective alternative, ensuring your online presence is both dynamic and hassle-free.

Subscribe To Your Outsourced Web Department

We believe traditional outsourcing for development is a thing of the past. Instead of hiring an agency or freelancer, you need a seamless addition to your in-house team. That’s where we come in, your outsourced web department, providing the expertise and support you need to grow without the large overheads.

Traditional Outsourcing & Hiring

Internal Hire

It can be very impractical and extremely costly to hire an internal Web Expert for your business.


Bringing in freelancers can be a short term fix but sometimes come with inconsistent availability and quality.


Involving an agency in your project can be costly and inflexible. Quality web development can also be diluted in an all-rounder agency.

DIY Solution

DIY website builders such as Wix & Squarespace are cheap but extremely time consuming and make it very hard to scale your site.

Let’s keep it simple! Think about merging all those scattered web providers and tools into one sleek all-in-one web solution. Less mess, fewer costs and everything speaking the same language. You’ll save time, make customers happier, and set your brand up for some solid future wins.

In traditional website development projects, you pay 50% upfront and 50% upon the website’s launch. For a professionally designed and constructed website, this means investing a large sum over the span of a month or so. Add to that, regular, sporadic content changes with one-off fees throughout the year. With b3m, there is no set up costs, a modest monthly fee, and the same fee every month which includes unlimited tasks.


Imagine the hours your team spends juggling multiple platforms and making edits to your website. With b3m, you’re not just integrating systems – you’re liberating valuable staff resources. Your website and all tools will be fully managed by ourselves and what’s more, your plan includes unlimited tasks. This means your team can focus on in-house projects whilst we manage the website.

In competitive industries, it’s crucial to attract targeted organic traffic to your website. Your website is built with SEO best practices in mind. We optimise your website’s structure, meta tags and content to improve its visibility on Google.

We go beyond creating visually appealing websites and other solutions. We are well-versed in the latest conversion optimisation techniques, helping you turn website visitors into leads and customers. By strategically placing call-to-action buttons, optimising landing pages, and improving overall user flow, we maximize the chances of converting visitors into valuable sales opportunities.

Capture valuable leads and enquiries through strategically placed contact forms, quote request forms or downloadable resources. We integrate these features to boost your sales pipeline.

Juggling multiple providers isn’t just a headache; it’s a potential risk with customer data scattered all over. With b3m, customer data is not only centralised but secured with top-tier protocols. Sleep easier knowing your customer and business data is locked down tight.

Unlimited Content Edits & Tech Support

We Save Busy Teams Countless Hours of Work

Need an image changing? A blog adding? Simply submit your content edits to us via our online portal and we’ll do the legwork. We’ll optimise, format and publish your incredible content as part of your plan.

There’s no limit to how many tasks you can submit meaning you are free to utilise the huge amount of saved time focusing on your business.

Always Fresh, Always Modern

A Fresh New Website, Every 2 Years, At No Extra Cost

Keep your online presence up-to-date and vibrant with a complimentary website redesign every two years! Websites can lose their luster over time, but worry not, we’ll give yours a makeover at no extra cost. Just another added benefit you get when you opt for Website as a Service.

Your Next Generation Website

Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Our Powerful AI Features

In today’s digital landscape, AI is ever-evolving. With b3m, so is your website.

We integrate the latest AI technologies into your site as soon as they are released. From data analytics to ChatGPT content assistants, we also educate you on how these incredible tools can benefit you and your business.

Our goal is to ensure that your website not only keeps pace with technological advancements but also leverages them to enhance user experience and drive business growth.

Your website scales with your business

Scale-As-You-Go with Optional Features

Enhance your website even further at any time. Tailored to meet the evolving needs and trends of your industry. Whether it’s integrating the latest e-commerce solutions or optimising for further AI experiences, we’ve got you covered, ensuring your online presence remains fresh and competitive.

Your website scales with your business

Featured Case Studies

Enhance your website even further at any time. Tailored to meet the evolving needs and trends of your industry. Whether it’s integrating the latest e-commerce solutions or optimising for further AI experiences, we’ve got you covered, ensuring your online presence remains fresh and competitive.

Jon Mcall
Jon Mcall
Fantastic website service provided by b3m. They rebuilt our website from scratch to a high quality product that has received multiple positive feedback comments from customers. Organising such a wide range of complex products to be user-friendly was no easy task but this was carried out diligently and efficiently; really getting to know the company and products so that they could do most of the work without needing to be led through each section. They continue to offer monthly suggestions for improvements and resolve any requests we have extremely quickly. Have and will continue to recommend the team!
chelsea spencer
chelsea spencer
Great working with b3m on one of my Clients website projects. Communication has been incredible and a really smooth onboarding. Definitely one of the better agencies I’ve worked with on fast and efficient communication and a really Clear customer journey.
Emma Challinor
Emma Challinor
I'm thrilled to recommend B3M for their exceptional website design and subscription service. They truly take the hassle out of website management, offering modern, tailored solutions that perfectly reflect your business. B3M is a fantastic choice for businesses seeking a reliable, affordable, and modern website solution. Their dedication to client satisfaction and innovative approach to web design make them a true standout in the industry. Highly recommended!
Paul Smith
Paul Smith
Ben at B3M is amazing and passionate about his work as a web developer and we maintenance expert. We had an issue with our prior web manager regarding server and hosting and emails on the website which B3M fixed immediately. They also improved the performance and speed of the website optimising things for it's best ever performance. I highly recommended B3M to anyone.
Adrian Colerick
Adrian Colerick
B3M have provided us with website design and graphic design over the last few months. They provided excellent communication and support during the whole process and delivered quality end products that we are really pleased with. I would thoroughly recommend B3M.
Unitex Marketing
Unitex Marketing
B3M listened to our needs and made a number of suggestions on how they could improve our website. They then went away and built a brand new site which functions extremely well and also looks fantastic. We'd highly recommend the team.
Connor Roberts
Connor Roberts
Absolutely GOLD standard! The creativity and innovation in the design, construction and hosting of our branding and website was phenomenal, could not have asked for better!
Nathan Ross (NR Visuals)
Nathan Ross (NR Visuals)
Nothing but easy sailing with B3M! The process was immaculate and the delivery was exactly how I wanted it- I'd highly recommend to anyone
Vara Creative
Vara Creative
I've worked with B3M on multiple occasions over the past year. I would heartily recommend to anyone.

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